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STARR is proud of all the accomplishments over the years, and although we do not ask or look for recognition at times it is given. Therefore, we want to ensure those needing more information about us and the work we proudly do it is here for all to see.

STARR Participates in USCG Military Operations

STARR partnering with the United States Coast Guard as part of the Port Readiness Committee to ensure the safe and secure loading off military equipment at the Port of Gulfport, Mississippi

Water Rescue Training
Holbrook Park

A training agency devoted to that came to our area to teach new skills to area firefighters. Thirty Lake Area firefighters learned skills that may one day mean the difference between life and death for somebody or themselves.

The participants gathered at Holbrook Park to learn techniques to use when performing a water rescue. First they learned on dry ground and went through the motions of skills they would later demonstrate in the water.

Gary Simon is a water rescue instructor with Strategic Technical Aquatic Resources and Rescue (STARR), a nonprofit from Mississippi. He said such training is vital.

“Operations level gives them techniques to be able to stand on a shoreline and save people that are in water. So, we teach them rope throwing skills, throwback and how to capture somebody which is good for about 80 percent of our saves, paddling drills in a boat, how to maneuver around hazards and environmental things. How to capture somebody and put them in a boat,” said Simon.

“We teach them how to hold onto each other, how to step safely, how to make sure they have secure footing so that we can alleviate that pressure,” Simon said.

And they learn about keeping emotions in check.

“A lot of people get wrapped up and they see a problem and emotion urgency takes over and they rush in without stopping and thinking. One of the biggest things we teach them is to stop, catch your breath and then move because that way it’s going to save your life,” Simon said.

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