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The SMC Force D Screw-Lok Carabiner is an affordable, rock-solid design that has proven itself in the field around the globe. Screw-Lok provides tried-and-true locking, without the complications and aggravations of other methods.

  • ISO Cold Forging process delivers unparalleled strength to weight ratios.
  • Classic D shape carries loads toward the stronger, non-gated side.
  • Hooded gates offer smooth rope-bearing surfaces.
  • Generous gate clearances with deep baskets provide effortless clipping.
  • Locks with an effective and effortless Screw-Lok sleeve.
  • Made in the USA.


1kN = 225 lbs of force
Strength = 31 kN

Force D Screw Lock Carabiner

SKU: 671253175371
  • Specs

    Material: Anodized aluminum
    Carabiner Strength Closed: 31 kN = 6,969 lbs.
    Strength Open: 9 kN = 2,023 lbs.
    Dimensions: 107 mm L x 55 mm W
    Gate Opening: 16 mm
    Weight: 74 g
    Locking Mechanism: Screw lock
    • ISO Cold forge processing
    • Made in USA
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