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What is an AED?

Almost every today has heard the phrase or term "AED", but many do not truly understand what it actually is or even how it works. An Automated External Defibrillator or AED is a simplistic compact device that is used to send an electrical shock to the heart of a individual who is in Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA in an attempt to return a abnormal or quivering heart beat to a normal heart rhythm so it can move blood and oxygen throughout the body.

However, there are some misunderstandings that surround the use of AED's, so lets take a minute to get a better idea of what an AED is suppose to do.

Many people believe that an AED is used to "restart" the heart. When in fact it does just the opposite as the AED attempts to temporarily stop the heart. 

When using an AED to restart the heart, think of the heart much like your computer. When your computer messes up, the screen freezes, or even stops responding all together you push the on/off switch and hold it until the computer turns off. This in a sense is rebooting the computer in the hopes of resolving the problem. When an AED delivers a shock it is basically rebooting the heart in much of the same way but using electricity. 

Since the AED could deliver an electrical shock it is very important with the AED prompts the rescuer to deliver a shock that no one is touching the patient. The reason is there could be a high chance the electricity being delivered to the patient could travel to the person touching the patient and cause their heart to stop also.

It is important the person using the AED listens to the prompts, follows the directions being told, and makes sure no one is touching the patient prior to pressing the SHOCK BUTTON when directed by the AED to do so.

If you would like to know more about AED's and/or how to purchase one please contact our Sales Director.