S    T   A    R    R

  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue

Swift Water Flood Rescue Awareness - SWFR Awareness

SWFR - Awareness is a classroom, PowerPoint, instructor-led course that introduces students to the problematic issues associated with water rescue as well as recommended procedures needed to respond to flash flooding, large-scale water related disasters, and seasonal flooding from monsoons to tropical situations. This course is developed to enhance knowledge involving water related incidents in the following:

            Scene Assessment

            Incident Size Up

            Activation procedures for Rescue Response and Resources

            Management of the Scene

            Recognition of Hazards

            Basic Hydrology 

This course addresses responsibilities of the rescue swift water awareness responder giving conceptual understanding of the principles, applications, and hazards associated with more advanced water rescue techniques. This is NOT a rescuer level course but rather an understanding of hydrology and moving water. If you are needing a more basic Swift Water Flood Rescue certification, see our Swift Water Flood Rescue Operations course.

AUDIENCE: This course is for anyone with limited or no water rescue training who needs a course completion certificate in Swift Water Flood Rescue Awareness in order to meet certain job, regulatory, or other requirements.


Ideas and Concepts of Swift Water Flood Rescue

Risk verse Benefits

National Incident Management System

Basic Hydrology

COURSE FORMAT: This classroom-based which includes instructor and PowerPoint with interaction from the students throughout the course. This course is approximately 5-6 hours in length.


PowerPoint-based / Student Manual course to ensure continuity and consistency

Instructor-led with class interaction to reinforce understanding of new concepts and proficiency

Course updated with the most recent NEW SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of this course, students receive a Swift Water Flood Rescue - Awareness Course completion certificate that is valid for 2 years. If this is your highest current certification it is recommended to attend a course every 2 years to refresh students knowledge.