S    T   A    R    R

  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue

Basic Water Rescue Package         MSRP $ 630.00         $ Call for Pricing

This package is a must for any command, safety, or support personnel for shore based water related rescues. This package is designed for easy storage in the trunk of any unit that may respond to water related events. Minimum training level - Swift Water Flood Rescue Operations.

  • Pro PFD                                                                  Deluxe Water Rescue Package
  • 75' Rope Throwbag                                                               MSRP $ 1169.95
  • Whistle                                                   
  • Mesh Duffel Bag                                                     Rapid Response Water Rescue Package
  • Water Rescue Helmet                                                          MSRP $ 759.95
  • Rescue Knife

Liquid Shredder Rescue Tow-in Sled         MSRP $ 664.00        $ Call for Pricing

This sled was designed to be towed by jet ski's in fast rescues. Light and strong aluminum core, soft board comes with comfortable handles and soft anti-slip decking.

  • Nose Protection
  • Soft rails all around protection
  • 1/4" Rope
  • Quick Release
  • Last Chance handles
  • 14 padded heavy duty handles

First Watch All-Weather Duty Fleece Jackety    MSRP $260    Call for OUR BEST pricing

This jacket has been engineered for warmth, breathability, and rugged performance.

           Three colors to choice from - Black, Green, Hi-Vis

             Every seam is double stitched and taped

             Fabric is waterproof and breathable

             Lining is soft, comfortable and durable

             Neoprene lined cuffs keep the weather and rain out 

             Stowaway peaked hood is mesh lined and waterproof

             Fleece-lined collar for comfort

             Dual sleeve pockets (Velcro) for patches

             Velcro Badge patches

             High-cut collar

             Side-arm entry vents

Cannie Flotation Device                      $ Call for Pricing

Whether your dog jumps in or falls in the water, this vest is specially designed to support your pet's torso and chest while swimming. It fits like no other because it adapts to your dog's neck length and girth dimensions. Reflective SOLAS Tape for extra safety.

Rescue Task Force Vest Kit w/ Side Armor           MSRP $ 1,324.99          Call for $ Pricing

The Rescue Task Force Vest kit combines state-of-the-art ballistic personal protection along with life-saving, battlefield proven medical equipment. This ideal solution was designed for EMS, Fire-Rescue, and Law Enforcement personnel performing operations in response to Active Shooter and Multiple Casualty Incidents. It provides one of the largest NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA front/back panel soft armor protection systems available in the industry. It has the capability to be upgraded with Level IV hard plates.

SAM Pelvic Splint        MSRP $ 93.99           $ Call for Pricing

The SAM Pelvic Sling is the first and only forced-controlled circumferential pelvic belt scientifically proven in peer-reviewed studies to safely and effectively reduce and stabilized open-book pelvic ring fractures.

  • Scientifically and clinically proven safe and effective force to stabilize pelvic fractures
  • Buckle maintains correct force - CAN NOT be over-tightened
  • Standard size fits 98% of the population
  • 'Click' provides clear feedback to confirm correct application                                                                                                                                       Pulling gradually and symmetrically increases sling tension                                                                                                                                         and reduces the pelvic

First Watch Throw Device and Rescue Tube        MSRP $300     $Call for Pricing

This inflatable tube can be used by SAR professionals via tossing, attached to a throwbag, drone or boat delivered.  It can be maually or automatically inflated. Packed it only weighs 2.5 lbs and 11 inches long. 

* Inflated the tube is over 6' feet long and can support up to 3 adults

* Multi handles for ease embracing the device

* Duel tow-points

* Nylon shell

* Hi-Vis Yellow with SOLAS reflective tape

This 60 gram inflation device (65 lbs buoyancy) easily re-armed and packed (like an inflatable PFD)

Recovery Net                    MSRP $ 75.95                $ Call for Pricing

This dual purpose net has many uses such as securing equipment to your rescue craft, victim recovery, and more. This product is recommended by Swift Water Rescue Specialist for victim recovery operations or parbuckling techniques. Built with a border of 2" webbing for strength and has multi-attachment points for strapping.

FoxFury Command 20 or Command 20 Tac-Water Headlamp    $ Call for Pricing

The FoxFury Command Series LED Light is a 60 torch lumen compact LED Rescue Helmet light offering focused and panoramic lighting. The FoxFury Command 20 Helmet Head Light runs on 4 AAs with a (flashing) rear red safety LED to help be seen on scene. The Command 20 Tac-Water Headlight has 5-modes and is waterproof up to 3 ft (1 m). It has a battery life of 16 to 30 hours depending on mode and a reserve of up to 40 hours.


Tac-Water                                                  Command

White Light - 40.0 Lumens                          White Light - 72 Lumens

Blue Light - 3.0 lumes 

Weight - 8.1 oz

Distance - 100 ft                                         Distance - 100 to 120 ft

R ONE i Series Inflatables by INMAR                               $ Call for Pricing       

The R ONE i Series Inflatables meets the needs of emergency response agencies and that of lifesaving. These boats range in size from 12.5, 14.0, to 15.5 and larger were designed for Search & Rescue tasks. Each boat is fully equipped to deploy in the field, and get on water related incidents to make rescues. The R ONE i Series has the ability to carry heavy payloads and a highly stable platform using true multi-chambers. These models are currently in use by over 100 agencies and water rescue units.

Payloads                                                          Fill Time
12.5          6 persons         30 hp motor               90 seconds        1/2 SCBA Bottle 
14.0          8 persons         40 hp motor             110 seconds       <1/2 SCBA Bottle
15.5         10 persons        50 hp motor             130 seconds       <3/4 SCBA Bottle