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Equipment Sales

Our goal as a premier distributor is to sell affordable equipment that has been tested by those in the profession and give outstanding customer service. STARR as a premier distributer for companies such as

     AFASSCO               CMS                    ZOLL                      NRS                 HENRY SCHEIN

     ExCEL                      H2ODESSY        RESCUE TECH      1st WATCH     NORTH AMERICAN RESCUE

     BOUND TREE         EMS                    and many more

STARR is committed to providing the most versatile medical and water rescue equipment and training gear to individuals and public service agencies.

Premier water rescue equipment

Swift Water Rescue Equipment

The least we can do is provide the very BEST specialized water rescue equipment for you the professional. As the premier distributor of high quality equipment from the best manufactures of water rescue gear. This gear is designed from real-world experience while still remaining affordable. 

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Boat Rescue Equipment

Whether you department or organization is looking for an inflatable boat or specialized boat rescue accessories. We have what you need at the BEST price possible.

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Medical supplies and courses

First Responder Equipment

When the call for help come's out, be prepared for anything. From the First Responder to the Paramedic, from the Coach with Basic First Aid, to the advanced medical professional, we have what you are looking for.

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Medical Equipment

Looking for an AED? Need a Long Spine Board? Or just looking to upgrade equipment in your EMS kit, then we have what you need at the most affordable prices.

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Medical supplies and more
Rescue equipment for all your needs

Specialty Equipment

Specialty equipment can be overwhelming at times. Let us help you with making the best decision to ensure your department gets the most for the money spent.

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Get a Quote

Our goal is to provide the BEST Customer Service and BEST Affordable Prices. Please provide the information requested below along with the course(s) you would like to have quoted. We will get back to you as quick as possible during business hours. After hours request may take a little longer.

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