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National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians - NAEMT

Formed in 1975 is the nation's only organization solely dedicated to representing the professional interests of all EMS practitioners. NAEMT goals are to help facilitate the transformation of the emergency and mobile healthcare profession as an essential, data-driven, patient-centered, integrated component of the nation's healthcare system. In addition, NAEMT identifies the evolving educational needs of the emergency healthcare professionals and develops, implements, and promotes educational programs to meet those needs. 

NAEMT began educating EMS practitioners in the late 1980's with the introduction of Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) and Dr. Norman McSwain (1938-2015). As research continued, the focus that trauma and shock increased the mortality rates, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support for First Responders (TFR) rolled out. Then in 1999, NAEMT rolled out the first course of its kind - Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) education program. Soon after in 2001, the roll out of Pediatric Pre-hospital Care (PPC) which was in 2007 reintroduced as Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC). After the Active Shooter incident in 2013 at Sandy Hook, a new educational course called Bleeding Control of the Injured (B-Con) was introduced to enhance survivability from active shooter events and intentional mass casualty events. 

Today, NAEMT is the largest professional association for EMS professionals in the United States. 

"What have you done for the good of mankind today? Because our patients did not choose us but rather we chose them. Therefore, we must be ready to treat our patients by learning form our experiences and the science provided by pre-hospital research."  Dr. Norman McSwain (1938-2015)

To register online and reserve your seat for a scheduled course go to  NAEMT LOCATE A COURSE. Click on the EDUCATION TAB, then on the right find LOCATE A CLASS. Search for the desired course and Keith Thomas, Course Coordinator (Southern Technical Aquatic Resource and Rescue - Training Coordinator)