S    T   A    R    R

  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue

Lights.... Camera.... Quite on the Set.... ACTION!!!

Since 2008, many of STARR's Medical and Water Rescue Specialist have been involved in Occupational and Marine Safety for the Television / Motion Picture Industry. STARR members working through the local International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE 478) have been able to provide high quality Health, Safety, and Medical personnel to both the construction workers building the Theatrical Props and Actors during the actual shooting of the production. Furthermore, members of STARR have worked with various actors and Marine Coordinators to ensure Marine Safety in, on, and around all types of bodies of water whether natural or man-made. This has allowed many of our members to work very closely with Directors, Producers, Unit Production Managers, and many Production Coordinators.

In addition, our members have a great relationship with various local and national Stunt Coordinators to establish and maintain a high degree of safety for both crews and actors when performing a wide range of stunts. Of course, these stunts require accurate and conscientious planning and preparation, an understanding of equipment, as well as first rate medical professionals that are able to adapt to the continuous changing theatrical atmosphere.

Our dedicated and highly professional members of STARR have provided water safety as Rescue Divers, Utility Divers, Boat Operators, and other assort roles all to ensure the production moves forward in a timely but safe manner. Below are just a few of the productions our members have been involved in:

Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain       2018 Water Safety, Occupational Health (Medical), Firearm Safety

NCIS - NEW ORLEANS                       2015   Water Safety

Swamp Hunters                                    2014   Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety

Right Guard Commercial, Chris Paul   2009    Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety

RED                                                      2009   Water Safety

The Mechanic                                       2009   Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety

The Expendables                                 2009   Water Safety

The Patriot aka (Hurricane Season)    2009   Water Safety

13 The Fear is Real                             2008   Occupational Health (Medical) & Water Safety

Final Destination IV                              2008   Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety

The Librarian - Curse of Judas Chalis 2008    Water Safety

Popeyes Commercial                          2008    Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety

Welcome to the Riley's                        2008    Occupational Health (Medical) & Safety                                             

Anthony Bourdain

Juston Lewter