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  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue


Everyday we at STARR get asked various questions regarding the Medical or Water Rescue Profession. Our staff prides itself in being able to provide those answers to the questions posed by you the student or professional. This section was created from those various questions. However, understand that our staff at STARR did not go out and start making a lot of movies or videos to post as that would create a financial problem. Therefore, we have worked to provide instructional videos with the assistance of other companies in order to answer many of those questions (especially when concerning water rescue).

As with any good student, to become better one must build a strong foundation as well as refresh information that built that foundation. At times that can be somewhat difficult due to work, resources, or other problematic issues. This is why STARR created this page to be simplistic, realistic, and to the point. Because the only dumb question is the one nobody asked due to fear. Believe it or not, at times the most simple of questions can challenge our staff which we all enjoy. Challenge is what keeps our skills up-to-date, initiates expanded thoughts, and produces even more ideas.

The medical profession has many complex terms, theories, and solutions which can at times be broken down into the easiest conversation pieces. While the water rescue profession, once having a good foundation, can bring out the most imaginative ideas that solve difficult problems. 

If you have a question, we invite you to send it to us. We will do our best to answer it with professional, research, and skilled knowledge. Our instructors know that if one person has a question there are many more out there with the same question but for whatever reason will not ask for an answer. This is why we have created this page to provide that information to others. 

You can email your questions to info@star-rescue.org and our staff will make every attempt to give you an answer that is understandable, reasonable, and well researched.