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Law Enforcement First Responder Tactical Casualty Care - LEFR-TCC

Law Enforcement First Responder Tactical Casualty Care - LEFR-TCC is an classroom, PowerPoint, instructor-led course from the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians that teaches students in the public safety first responder profession such as police, law enforcement agencies of all types, firefighters, and other first responders the basic medical care interventions that will help save an injured responder's life until EMS practitioners can safely enter a scene.

This course combines a variety of principles from PHTLS, TCCC, and meets the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus document ant that of TECC guidelines. A new course developed in collaboration with the Denver Health Department of EMS Education and the Denver Police / SWAT Department. 

AUDIENCE: This course is all public safety first responders (law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders that respond to unsafe scenes to treat fellow responders until EMS can safely enter the scene.

Identify and manage external bleeding
Demonstrate proper use of a tourniquet
Airway control and use of various devices
Demonstrate proper use of topical hemostatic dressings
Recognize shock

COURSE FORMAT: This classroom-based which includes instructor, PowerPoint, and skill interaction throughout the course. This course is approximately 8 hours in length.

PowerPoint-based course to ensure continuity and consistency
Instructor-led with hands-on to reinforce new skills and that of proficiency
Student manual is provided (purchase or STARR Library)
Course is updated with the NEW SCIENCE immediately when available

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of this course, students receive an NAEMT Law Enforcement First Responder Tactical Causality Care course certification and completion card that is valid for 4 years.