S    T   A    R    R

  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue


All of STARR's team members are dedicated volunteers and give up a lot of their own valuable time to provide a service to the community, emergency services, counties, and parishes. There are a number of roles within the team from helping on fundraising events to planning and leading teams on water rescue emergencies. So if you want to become a volunteer there is sure to be a role in the team that suites your particular niche. 

Being a member of Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue (STARR) can be very rewarding in many ways and is a great way to meet new like-minded people.

If you are interested in joining the team but are worried that you don't have all the skills necessary then there is no need to worry as we train all our team members to a minimum standard and continue to develop training and experience of all our member with an on-going training plan. 

Worried about your fitness level but still want to help? Then why not join as a support member to offer to raise funds for the team? 

Water Rescue Member Role:

Our Water Rescue personnel are tasked with various types of water rescues. As part of STARR you will be required to become a Water Rescue provider to be considered for our water rescue team. 

Training is organised on a regular basis and all water rescue personnel are required to participate in 80% of the training core. As far as possible training is conducted locally but it may be necessary to travel out of the area to Lake DeGray, Arkansas for our annual Exercise Training.

If you would like to know more about the team or discuss membership we urge you to contact us or a member of our team who can give you a much greater understanding of what we do and how you can help.