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  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue

Experience Tricking 2017

STARR was honored to sponsor what is truly a community event in Harvey, Louisiana. More than 175 participants and nearly 20 coaches came together from all over the United States to host a three day, 24 hour lock-in event for children of all ages while promoting "the power of positivity".  STARR proudly provided high quality medical services for the entire event with experienced emergency medical technicians and a nurse to ensure safety of those who participated. Our licensed, certified, and background checked professional Medical Staff was available for participates 24 hours a day throughout the entire event.

Experience Tricking creates an environment for learning martial arts tricking, providing leadership and growth opportunities to everyone and spread their core belief - THE POWER OF POSITIVITY. This core belief goes much further than just those who participate in the Experience Tricking community within the Greater New Orleans Region but is also seen in Nicaragua. 

The NICAVANGELISTS are kids, teenagers, youth who have come out of poverty, run away from illegal activities, left warring gangs, are fatherless, orphaned, rejected and abused. However, each of these individuals have a their own special gift, possess potential greatness. The Nicavangelists are at-risk youths from the streets of Manague, Nicargua. They are welcomed into a talent-development-program, where they are provided food, housing, clothing, an education with the chance to develop skills in dance and tricking. The Nicavangelists create a brightness by giving Nicaraguan kids opportunities - THE POWER OF POSITIVITY.

Below are just a few of the pictures of the Experience Tricking 2017 and STARR is looking forward to Experience Tricking 2018.