S    T   A    R    R

  Southern Technical Aquatic Resource & Rescue

Are you hosting an extreme EVENTS, a MOVIE PRODUCTION, or looking for MARINE STANDBY RESOURCES?

 can offer experience, dependable, and the highest quality emergency medical services to any special event your company is hosting. STARR can cater to your needs by provided Advance Life Support, Basic Life Support, Automatic External Defibrillator, Mobile Aid Station, and Roving Medical Units. Our staff is made up of licensed, certified, and background checked EMRs, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Physician. From the small project where a single medic with a jump bag will work to a more advanced medical set-up is needed, STARR will work to fill your needs.

In addition to the medical training, our team has trained/certified water rescue individuals, rescue divers, rescue boat operators, and public safety divers, and equipment to support your event on or near water. If your extreme event or production involves water, mud, or rain then you may need the services of STARR

STARR can provide Medical Support and/or Marine Safety Resources for both live or recorded media productions using experienced and highly professional individuals. STARR members have experience in a variety of media productions to include music videos, commercials, and movies. We understand the need for professional individuals who understand the integrates of working within media productions. Our goal is to provide safety to those working on the production while not being involved with production set-up. 

Our Marine Safety Resources are not only trained in water rescue techniques but are also Emergency Medical Personnel with the equipment to render aid to individuals both in and out of the water. STARR has the ability to enable our Marine Resources to function behind the scenes of any production.  

STARR can provide experienced personnel and equipment as Marine Safety Resources for any water related event such as Iron Man, Super Series Power Boat Races, or Fishing Rodeo. Our members have years of experience working with swimming events and Boat Races to provide professionally trained water rescue personnel, rescue divers, and medical technicians to ensure the safety of all participants. 

We provide water resources such as kayaks, rescue jet skies and boats, to trained and certified rescue swimmers, rescue divers, and more. STARR strives to provide the highest quality of rescue personnel and equipment in order to ensure the safety of those within the water environment.

According to OSHA 1926.106 requires employers to have a boat available on standby to ensure a timely rescue of a fallen individual (worker). In fact, one OSHA letter of interpretation (LOI), the retrieval of an employee from the water is required no more than 3 to 4 minutes from the time they entered the water. 

           Section 1926.106(d) states: At least one lifesaving skiff shall be immediately available at locations where
                      where employees are working over or adjacent to water.

The intent of the regulation is to ensure prompt rescue of individuals (employees) that fall into the water, regardless of other precautions taken. OSHA is clear that regardless of how foolproof the fall protection system maybe, they are not a substitute for the skiff.