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Preparedness COURSES

Emergency preparedness training can give you the skills to properly react to emergency situations so you can better protect yourself and assist others until responders arrive. Life-threatening emergencies can happen fast and you may be able to save a life by taking simple actions immediately.  

Disasters and emergencies have been increasing all over the world. Today, with technological advancement, acquiring knowledge and its application in the realm of action is regarded as the only effective way to prevent disasters or reducing its effects. 

On the other hand, natural and man-made disasters cause serious disruption to a community, and there are many casualties, financial, environmental, social, and economic losses, which are beyond the power of the community. As emergencies and disasters, along with their destructive effects, are rising all over the world acquiring knowledge and its uses are regarded as the most effective way to prevent disasters or reduce its effects with the advancement in technology. Although the vulnerability of some communities and individuals to natural and human-made disasters is inevitable, the individuals can play a role in reducing these disasters by changing system resilience and disaster recovery capacity. There is evidence that most injuries, damages, and deaths from disasters can be prevented and disaster preparedness measures such as housing adjustment against risks can reduce the damage caused by disasters and accordingly improve recovery. In addition, it is more effective when the people of a community have good cooperation in allocating resources and doing appropriate recovery after disasters.

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