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Swift Water Rescue Courses

Swiftwater and Floodwater Rescue is one of the most dangerous rescue scenarios that many in Public Safety face in America. Each year unnecessary deaths and injuries affect potential rescuers as well as the original victims. Basic Swiftwater provides rescue training to Public Safety Professionals such as Fire, Rescue, Law Enforcement, EMS and others interested in Swiftwater or Floodwater safety. Training and education in the specific methods of swiftwater rescue are essential for proper response and safety to the rescuer and patient. 

STARR is the ideal choice for your swiftwater and  flood rescue training needs. All of our courses are taught by instructors who know the dynamics of swift water. With over 40 years of real-world and federally declared disaster deployment experience, our classes are customized for your environment. While each instructor brings his own skill set to the course, all have spent decades working and teaching on the water.  They are truly water enthusiasts. We teach hands on progressive rescue techniques that have been proven to work in the field. All of our curriculums meet NFPA standards.  

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