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My name is Mark Smith

Certified Dive Instructor

  • NAUI

  • PADI

  • PSDA

  • SDI

Rescue Swimmer Instructor

Currently, enjoying the ability to dive and with more than 35 years experience in the water world feels more comfortable in the water than out of it. A Navy veteran who served during war time has spent most of his life giving back to the community and those in public service.

A member of the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office and Dive team for more than 30 plus years and has responded to all types of water rescues / recoveries as well has provided public safety dive training to not only his department but hundreds of law enforcement agents. As a board member of NAUI and PADI has impacted the dive industry in a variety of ways to incorporate new and innovative measure that will improve underwater safety. As a member of STARR's advisory board has also made positive impacts towards the teaching and educating of other in water rescue.

Whether it is teaching, traveling, or showing off new dive spots, he is always educating someone somewhere. The years of real-world experience and education is just one of the reasons STARR is grateful for all the input and contributions he has made to this organization while becoming a great asset to the industry.

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