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My name is John McColloster

Self employed Business Owner

Commercial Diver

PADI Diver

Water Rescue Technician

First joined STARR in 2011 and since that time has been a motivator in moving STARR towards becoming the premier training center in the South. In 2012, became a member of the Advisory Board to increase the new and innovativeness of the organization, to raise the bar to new levels, and to use his knowledge as a small business owner to make stronger ties with the community.

After being impacted by Hurricane Katrina saw the need for more unique water rescue training for public service agencies. Since that time has sought to learn more about water rescue not only to increase the possibility of saving lives but to ensure that information is available for others. From working a as commercial diver, water rescue technician, rescue boat operator, and as a small business owner has always made time for those within the community as well as those public servants of the community. 

The education, experience, dedication, and commitment makes him a great asset to STARR and is the ideal individual to ensure we continue to move forward in both training and helping the community.

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