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My name is Paul Braud

Nationally Registered EMT

Certified Dive Instructor

Certified Public Safety Dive Instructor

Water Rescue Instructor

AHA Instructor

Industrial Firefighter

Currently, retired from the oil and gas industry but is still a dedicated Water Rescue Instructor. In 1982, began his path in SCUBA diving and continued down that road to become a PSD, SDI, and NAUI Dive Instructor. Soon after, began working with the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office as a Reserve Officer and on the Dive Team and remained a part of the sheriffs office for more than 30 years. 

While working in the oil and gas industry, became a member of the fire brigade as a NR EMT and certified industrial firefighter. Later, to help with the training gained an AHA Instructor certification in Basic Life Support and still teaches CPR to those willing to learn. Additionally, obtained training in Commercial Diving from the Ocean Corporation.

The love for the water, desire and passion to teach, and dedication in helping others has been a great asset for STARR and the students within those classes. Between the real-world experience and the education gained over the years STARR is lucky to have found this type of teacher.

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