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My name is David Hertz

Certified Commercial Diver

PADI Diver

Water Rescue Technician

Certified Firefighter

Currently, traveling with his wife and family to areas that need healthcare professionals. However, has been a member of STARR since the beginning and later agreed to be a member of the Advisory Board. Prior to his travels was a member of the local fire department on the West Bank area of New Orleans and deeply involved in Martial Arts with his children. Always has been able to give back to his community and maintain a family, work, community balance.

As a certified firefighter has worked in both professional and volunteer departments with the passion to learn and pass that information on to others. Not long after obtaining a certification in firefighting went on to become a NR EMT in order to better help his community when called. The experience from doing commercial diving lead to becoming a recreational master diver with a public safety diving specialty certification. 

No matter what community he is in, always is giving back to those who need it. Over the years has been a great asset to STARR and continues to give that push towards excellence.

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