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My name is Juston Lewter

Certified Fire Instructor

Certified Firefighter

Fire Service Captain

National Registered EMT

Currently, serving at Benton Fire District #4 as a full-time firefighter with the rank of Captain, EMT, and Water Rescue member. Over the years has deployed to several federally declared disasters to include Hurricane Katrina and the Great Baton Rouge Flood of 2016. Served nearly 20 years as a public servant and 10 years as an instructor enjoying to teach others.

An experienced team leader in the fire service, hazardous materials, and water rescue working from the ground up gives students and colleagues alike the the confidence needed to succeed. Assisted in developing the first parish-wide water rescue team within Bossier Parish to mitigate the continued flooding incidents and to decrease state asset response times. These deployments have enabled improvements in techniques in both the implementation of skills and teaching methods. Being able to incorporate knowledge, training, and real-world experience raises the training bar to higher levels.

Dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate towards teaching and educating others through safe proven measures for over 10 years. Ability to incorporate the lessons of real-world experience with those of mastered skills from training courses enables students to gain valuable knowledge that can be used to save others during a water-related event or incident. 

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