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My name is Bob Cress

Certified Firefighter

Certified Fire Instructor

Certified Emergency Manager

Certified Paramedic

Master Exercise Practitioner

P.O.S.T Certified

Served his country for more than 27 years, over 10 years in law enforcement, fire and EMS service as well as having served as the Advisory Board Chairman for over 8 years. Currently, serves as a Deputy Fire Chief at a local fire department with both BLS and ALS responses while teaching IFSAC courses all over the United States.

The vast experience of both real-world and educational knowledge has enabled him to excel in every facet and profession. From obtaining a Masters degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, being an instructor for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, then obtaining a Certification as an Emergency Manager, an AB unlimited and Master 200 Ton License, to being a certified Health and Safety Officer. As a life longer learner, continues to gain valuable training and education at every opportunity and to use that knowledge to move forward, to help others, and to teach. 

While in the military was deployed to several federal disasters and served at various levels within the incident command system. Received many high honors, accommodations, and letters of appreciation. Used the knowledge and training to improve response and mitigation efforts within the DOD & DOT disaster response capabilities while making every effort to give back to the community. The honorable traits that were acquired early on along with the real-world experience and education make him a valuable asset.

As the Chairman of the Advisory Board ensures the best interests of STARR are adhered to, maintained, and excellence is pursued. We are grateful to have someone of his caliber helping the organization move positively forward with integrity, ethics, and morals.

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