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CAPNOGRAPHY is a unique program designed to give students the chance to learn, practice and demonstrate their abilities in monitoring ETCO2 and the capnographic waveform is currently used in may areas of the healthcare profession. This presentation will describe the various methods of CO2 monitoring and the physiology of ventilation-perfusion relationships. This program will explore how capnography can assist the clinician in identifying clinical conditions that predispose patients respiratory complication along with application for transport and resuscitation.

AUDIENCE: This course provides training for:

Healthcare providers whose occupation or volunteer activities require airway management skills

Professionals in the field of resuscitation and airway management


Define ETCO2

Describe various clinical application of ETCO2

Illustrate the relationship between exhaled and arterial ETCO2

Identify common waveforms

COURSE FORMAT: This course is classroom-based which includes instructor, video, and/or PowerPoint throughout the course. This course is approximately 2 hours in length.


PowerPoint based course to ensure continuity and consistency

Instructor-led with Scenario based to reinforce proficiency\

Course updated with the most recent NEW SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY 

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of this course, students receive a certification of completion valid for two years. This course does not offer a course completion card. This course is designed solely to enhance students' capnography knowledge and skills.